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Hugo Andrade

"Not knowing how to read music is for me extremely liberating ... When we don't know the rules, we don't know that we are breaking them"

Citation de Phil Collins Not Dead Yet octobre 2016

Hugo Andrade, born 01.09.1977, in Lisbon, Portugal.
Since very young, he taps on everything he touches and shows a strong interest in percussion, including drums in particular.

At the age of 13, he enters an evangelical church, where he plays drums. Very applied in his studies, he will show a total commitment to play with the group of Gospel. For him, it was a predominant school, allowing him to learn the basics of Gospel,

Soul, Funk, Rock and Jazz.

In 1992, he will study with Carlos Miguel. Then in 2000 he trained with Carlos Rodrigues Pilaro However, one of the most important technical bases in the drums was acquired between 2002 and 2006, when he decided to take lessons with Henry Sousa at Crescendo Music. at S.Joao do Estoril, he will develop, on several percussion instruments and drums, the rhythms of Latin and Fusion.

Throughout his career, he has also participated in several workshops with André Sousa Machado, Alexandre Frazao and Thomas Lang in Mafra

In Switzerland, he studied with Sylvie Ayer, former pupil of Colective Drum NY, professor at the conservatory of Friborg. He studied there, with the aim of becoming a certified professional drummer in Switzerland.

Since 2008, in Switzerland, he played with several groups. In Trio, Esquina Sur, Paul Farkas, Dilone. He also participated in several studio recordings and played on RTS radio and Freiburg radio.

Since 2010, he is a drum teacher and drummer Free Lancer.

Since 2018, he has been playing for a Prangins singing heart, he has also played percussion with Riptide.

Today, he still plays with Lilly Roche, The Beaumont Connections, Country Connections, John Ollis.

"I'm a very versatile person who works with every style of music.Merging is one of my musical styles that I identify with most.This style is really varied and touches the Blues, through the funk, reggae, bossa nova, etc ... My drummer is Dave Weckl, drummer that I admire, because of his technique and his musical game.
I have a huge pleasure in teaching music. I still have some students at Farkas School, but now I realize a new dream: to have my own school. "


"I want to hear emotion, art and that interests me more than someone who plays perfectly"

Citation de Vinnie Colaiuta batteur magasine #195 septembre 2006

"What I play comes directly from what I learned from other drummers and I sincerely think that if other drummers honor me, I can only be humble and thank them, because some of them  inspire me always"

Citation de Steve Gadd batteur magasine #186 novembre 2005

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