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Price in CHF:
20.- for 30 minutes first try
30.- for 30 minutes
45.- for 45 minutes
60.- for 60 minutes
25.- for 60 minutes soon as 3 musicians
100.- for 60 minutes coaching a band
 Rental of the Drum room.

According to the request, it is possible for the student to rent the room containing the drum for 20.- CHF per hour.



Classes are weekly

Minimum contract period: 3 months
Contract duration: 3 months, 6 months, 12 months

During school holidays, the school is closed.


Rental of rehearsal room for a Band of musicians.

It is possible for a group of musician, to rent the premises in the month for one day per week fixed.

The local is completely equipped.

Included in the rental: electricity, amplification, sound system, mixer, drums, guitar, microphones

200.- CHF per month 

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